2022 Oct: End season aux Balearic Islands


It’s been three months since we last wrote on our bitacora, apart from Instagram and Facebook posts. We spent the summer receiving guests and enjoy co-sailing for this way, helping us to keep the boat in perfect condition.

For a first season, we were lucky and managed to share our life and passion with different crews. Each time we had nice meetings.

This summer, Ursula and Camila, accompanied by their spouses, took advantage of the beautiful Corsican weather.

For a day we were able to go to the Lavezzi Islands, then swim in the crystal clear waters of the Piana anchorage before taking them to discover the fjord of Bonifacio, which looked like an ant hill in the middle of August, to finally return to Rondinara, Under a beautiful full moon, where our guests landed.

Then it was the turn of Benjamin, Clotilde and their children to board. We had planned to visit the Gulf of Asinara in the north of Sardinia. The weather went bad and on the second day, the wind was blowing at 30 knots. We were forced to take refuge in Isola Rossa, then at the Reina Major anchorage and finally in Porto Pozzo (in the beautiful region of Santa Teresa de Gallura).

It was there, when a strong gale arrived, which destroyed many boats at Girolata in Corsica, that we had to moor in the absence of a mooring buoy available. At night, the westerly wind of 40 kts with strong gusts derailed MR, who finished his run with the keel in the mud on the leeward bank. We managed to clear it without damage to go to a place with a more stable bottom. The night remained hectic for the entire crew.

Porto Pozzo: rain and wind on August 18, 2022

We were then able to go to the Maddalena archipelago and finally offer our crew a few days of navigation among the splendid places of this natural park declared since 1996. The Maddalena, located at the eastern end of the mouths of Bonifacio, is undoubtedly the other jewel of the maritime Gallura. This archipelago includes large islands and about sixty islets of pink granite that dot the crystalline blue of the sea. The main island is La Maddalena. The island of Caprera is also worth a visit. A boat trip to these islands, mostly wild and uninhabited, leaves unforgettable memories. The beaches are only accessible by boat. They are quite crowded in the summer, but the waters are clean and the anchorages are quiet and solitary at night, conducive to rest.

We finish our cruise with them on the beach of Liscia, a gem for lovers of water sports and walking on the long sandy beach.

A few days later, after preparing the boat for the next crew and filling the fridge, we returned to Rondinara. We boarded there, in Capo Bianco in the south-east of Corsica, a young Dutch couple who had to spend four days on board.

We sailed from places “V.I.P” in “place to be” before finishing our trip to Poltu Quatu, which is the other reference marina of the jet-set as Porto Cervo, We have greeted our guests who have gone to other prestigious destinations.

After a round trip to Ajaccio where we rented MR, for an afternoon, to a group of young women celebrating the burial of a young girl of one of them, we come back to Porto Cervo.

For a few days we followed the regattas of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup taking place there.

We were able to admire exceptional yachts all brighter than each other. We even boarded Mathias who rented the boat for a day to follow the evolution of these dream sailboats.

We are already at the beginning of September, heading to Olbia where we have an appointment with Thierry and Philippe directly disembarked from Bordeaux to spend 4 days sailing on MR Beelzebuth and discover his marine qualities.

For the duration of the cruise our two crew members shared the manoeuvres and the helm of the boat.

We traveled more than 125 nautical miles, stopping in various coves, in various wind conditions perfect to take advantage of our sailboat’s capabilities. We dropped them off at Alghero (North-West Sardinia) where they were flying back home with their heads full of emotions and happiness to have sailed on our Bordeaux 60.

After these two busy months, we set sail for Carlo-Forte, a small port about 87 nautical miles south of Sardinia on the island of San Pietro

We stopped in Marinatour for a night before leaving for Tunisia 140 nautical miles away. We did a 3-day stop in Bizerte to greet our friends we met last year.

Time goes by fast! We left Bizerte with an excellent wind that allowed us to make a stopover and sleep a few hours in Porto Pino with its vast beaches and golden sand dunes. We took the opportunity to return to Carloforte and take an “aperitivo” before returning to Palma de Mallorca as the final destination at about 290 nautical miles. Indeed, we had to get back our new jib and complete the renewal of MR’s wardrobe.

The weather windows are narrower and narrower at the beginning of October. We leave Sardinia with a forecast of light storms on the course. The first night at sea was idyllic MR was moving at 5kts pushed by a light southeasterly breeze. The following day was also quiet.

The following night we sailed surrounded by lightning illuminating the sky. Some did not fall very far from us. On the morning of October 12, new very violent thunderstorms fell in the sea around us associated with violent storms. The morning was quite unpleasant and especially very wet.

On arrival we moored at Illetes in the bay of Palma. There was a peaceful atmosphere that we needed to recover from our tumultuous navigation.

The next day, we moored MR to the pontoon of the Real Club Nautico de Palma to receive the sailboats that installed our new sail.

We went out in the afternoon to try it out. The genoa is beautiful and powerful. Great!!!

We received for the aperitif Vivi, Marta and “El Negro”, a long-time friend of Mercedes who lives in Palma when he is not embarked as a professional team-mate aboard racing yachts sailing around the world. He kindly helped us to repair the small damage we suffered during the crossing.

The weather and the sea have calmed down well. We left in the direction of Menorca, which we do not know. We stopped at Es Trenc (a beach of the best Caribbean style) and Puerto Colom.

We were making our way to the Northeast by a small breeze. Dolphins swam near the hull of MR for the first time since the departure of Philippe and Thierry.


The temperature is again mild. We have a late summer season.

At Mahon we took our friends Valerie and Gus who came to spend 3 days with us. On the program, discover the north coast of Menorca by sailing, swimming and fishing.

And yes, we put the lines back in the water and caught a bonite and mackerel. Of course Mercedes has delighted us by preparing them in many ways.

We sailed 25 NM to Cala Pregonda. It is a totally different beach from the others, mainly because of the almost red color of its sand and it is certainly one of the 5 most beautiful beaches of the island.

At the end of the 3 days, we dropped them off at Arenal d’en Castell where we welcomed Sophie and Dominique, who started the stay with a bath in crystal clear water at 25°. It was pure idleness! With them we also discovered the beach of Fornells and its authentic fishing village in the bay of the same name.

It’s Thursday, October 27th, and we greet our guests who are returning home and returning to the sea, in «walk» mode to discover new calas.

Of course and as usual, All this time Mercedes has been able to develop exceptional culinary recipes that have delighted us. She knew how to vary her preparations and especially adapt them to the tastes of everyone. This aspect of the cruise certainly remained in the minds of all.

We begin to prepare our return to Gruissan where we will overwinter MR dry to carry out the necessary work on its hull. Our friend Philippe will join us for the return trip.      

In 2023, we hope to see many of you to discover moments of happiness aboard MR Beelzebuth.