5 September 2021

Nuestro recorrido por Croacia Julio -Sept 2021


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20 March 2021


We had our heads full of dreams, just like everyone, most certainly would only dream of being free or in good health… On February 3, 2018 we started to realize our dream of boat trips by sailing for the first time on our new MR BEELZEBUTH. We began to imagine our adventure and how to… Read more »

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12 February 2021

*2021 Feb-Article publié au journal Argentin La Nacion

Si vous souhaitez lire l’article, ici le lien: https://www.lanacion.com.ar/lifestyle/francia-se-conocieron-en-una-regata-vendieron-todo-y-ahora-viven-en-un-barco-nid10022021/ Nous tenons à remercier le journal La Nacion d’Argentine pour avoir publié notre article où nous racontons un peu notre histoire et notre projet de vie. Merci bcp à la journaliste Jimena Barrionuevo. Nous en profitons pour vous dire que demain nous avons nos billets pour… Read more »

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11 July 2020

*July 2020-Installation of solar panels before departure

After careful consideration, we decided to install solar panels on our boat to solve the problem of on-board electrical energy. We are trying to consume less diesel by not having to start the generator to power the new Lithium batteries that we installed very recently; With the panels, we manage to supply the refrigerators on… Read more »

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7 July 2020

*July 2020-Today we will be in TV show on TF1

https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/les-plus-belles-vacances Today we will be in the TV program of “Mes plus belles vacances”report filmed in September 2019 aboard MR Beelzebuth … REPLAY https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/les-plus-belles-vacances/videos/les-plus-belles-vacances-cousinade-98886479.html

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