12 November 2022

2022 Oct: End season aux Balearic Islands

It’s been three months since we last wrote on our bitacora, apart from Instagram and Facebook posts. We spent the summer receiving guests and enjoy co-sailing for this way, helping us to keep the boat in perfect condition. For a first season, we were lucky and managed to share our life and passion with different… Read more »

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27 July 2022

2022 July: Corsica, west coast

We are back in France. We have decided to spend the season on the coasts of Corsica and the North of Sardinia to be able to board the passengers who contacted us through the Click and Boat platform. The objective is to complete the box on board. After a first rental at the end of… Read more »

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9 July 2022

2022 July: Sardinia (once again)

Mercedes stayed 5 days in Olbia to supervise MR moored on the public dock, while Richard went to Bordeaux for his periodic visit to the hospital.  Having no other mission, she was finally able to free up time to devote herself to her passion of transforming shells into objects (paintings, jewellery, etc.). For the evening… Read more »

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27 June 2022

2022 JUNE: Crete, Peloponnese, Malta, Sicily and arrived in Sardinia!

We are going to leave Santorini in Crete’s direction, where are we going to direct our bow, Plaka (to the East), Heraklion (in the center) or Chania (to the West)? The weather conditions direct us to Chania. We leave our anchorage in the morning around 10am, with a wind varying from 10 to 20kts from… Read more »

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10 June 2022

2022 JUNE: End of Cyclades.

We have arrived at the port of IOS, we moor MR with the help of Georgio. In IOS, the chora (historic city center) is 3 km from the port and much higher. We decide to take the bus to go up, we will walk down. The chora is picturesque with its narrow, stepped streets. Here,… Read more »

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15 May 2022

2022 May: Cyclades Chap 3 & small Cyclades

We are already in May and the Greek weather is just starting to get kinder. In the idyllic anchorages that we frequent, we dream of being able to throw ourselves into this turquoise water that makes us want so much. In return, we are lucky to have a bright boat to sail from 5kts of… Read more »

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1 May 2022

*2022 APRIL: Cyclades Chap 2

We are still in MYKONOS, the weather is not getting better. We are stuck in the marina which, despite a small swell coming in from the South East, remains comfortable. Monday the rain stopped, we rent a small car to go around the island. We walk the small paths that lead to the small paradise… Read more »

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18 April 2022

*2022 APRIL: Les Cyclades

Here we go again from SPETSE towards PORTO HELI a few nautical miles further north. We moor there in the large bay very well sheltered. The new marina is superb but a little expensive to our taste. From here we rent a car to explore the remains of ancient Greece. We start by visiting the… Read more »

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4 April 2022


It is Monday March 21, 2022, the weather has calmed down, we are leaving the LEFKAS marina where we had taken refuge to let the bad weather pass. We head for ITHAQUE Island 25 minutes away to spend the night. We arrive at Vathy on the island around 6 p.m. As usual at this time… Read more »

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20 March 2022

*2022 March: Back to sea

While waiting for our watermaker to arrive, we left the marina to anchor for three days in front of the Corfu sailing club, closer to the historic center of the city. The weather forecast then made us return to our shelter at the marina and still no news from watermaker. Finally, Friday March 11 our… Read more »

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