*2022 APRIL: Cyclades Chap 2


We are still in MYKONOS, the weather is not getting better. We are stuck in the marina which, despite a small swell coming in from the South East, remains comfortable.

View of Mykonos under the sun!

Monday the rain stopped, we rent a small car to go around the island. We walk the small paths that lead to the small paradise beaches that surround the island.

In the South, all these beaches are monopolized by trendy beach clubs which offer deckchairs, parasols, all well aligned on all the available sand surface, allowing the youth of the island (or elsewhere) to entertain, drink, eat and dance late into the night.

On our route we find cacti loaded with prickly pears along the roadside. Mer hastened to pick almost 2 kilos of it to make jam on the boat.

Tuesday the weather improves. Once the jam is in jars, we leave again, under the sun, towards NAXOS, an island located 22 minutes away. It is the largest island of the Cyclades with a length of more than 32km.

Naxos Porte du Temple d’Apollon

After a nice crossing under sail, we anchor on a sandy bottom in a beautiful bay south of the marina.

It is Wednesday, April 20, we are going to the medical analysis lab to carry out Richard’s weekly platelet check: everything is fine!

On the way back, we sit on the terrace on the port where for 11€ we have lunch with gyros and souvlakis (pork skewer). In the afternoon, we finally install on MR the additional solar panels that we bought last year. We are becoming more and more energy self-sufficient.

The next day begins the Orthodox Easter weekend.
We rent a scooter and travel the island from village to village and enjoy the picturesque side that the island offers.

In the evening, back on the port, we attend the Easter procession in which a large part of the population participates, with a lighted candle in their hands.

The next day we leave for the island of PAROS, famous for its sandy beaches and traditional villages.
We anchor MR in front of the small port of the village of NAOUSSA to the north. It is a village, all white (like the others in the Cyclades) very open to tourism. The sun is there and warms the atmosphere and above all raises the temperature of the sea water. We take the opportunity to take our first swim.

On this Easter weekend, the party is in full swing, the quays are invaded by young and old who sing and dance on the terraces of the cafés, including the Barbarossa which seems to be the meeting place for ‘trendy’ people. The alcohol is flowing, the music is ringing throughout the city and it’s non-stop until Monday.

Monday we leave NAOUSSA, to go to PARIKIA capital of the island.

The following morning, from our anchorage, we can see the horde of revelers embarking on the ferry which takes them back to Athens.

We rent a scooter to explore the island. Here again we spend our day going from village to village in search of the curiosities of the island.

Wednesday, new departure towards the island of SIFNOS. We spend the night in the very pretty little anchorage of PLATIS GIALOS. In the evening we go ashore for dinner at the Omega3 restaurant which is on the beach.

Thursday, the weather forecast announces 4 days of strong northerly winds. We weigh anchor again and leave with a beautiful sea and a pleasant wind which propels us towards the island of MYLOS 25 minutes away.

In addition to its Venus, which was discovered there in 1820 and sent to the Louvre on the spot, MYLOS, the last island before Crete, has breathtaking natural sites, almost extraterrestrial, shaped in the white clay that makes it so rich: Kaolin.

We arrive at the port of ADAMAS around 2:30 p.m. where Mario and Alessandra are waiting for us. They are a couple of Portuguese yachtsmen, gone for three years of navigation. We got to know them through Navily, a cross-browser experience sharing application.

We are already Friday, days of Richard’s blood test.

We rent a quad to go to the analysis laboratory and then spend our day (particularly windy) discovering the beauties of MYLOS, even if the sun shuns our getaway.

We spend the evening around an aperitif made in Mercedes in the company of Alessandra and Mario to tell us about our common experiences.
We still have 3 days left to wait in ADAMAS for the weather to become milder again and for us to continue our island-to-island sailing.